TRT 2’03

Directed, edited and filmed by Matthew DiTullo.

Music by Devendra Banhart © Devendra Banhart & Young God Records.


TRT 12’24

Directed, edited and filmed by Christopher Myott.

Story by Christopher Myott.

Starring Aaron Sandland.

Costume design by Jodi Ramos.

Additional editing assistance and consultation, Color Correction

consultation, and original DVD production by Matthew DiTullo.

Contains music by Neutral Milk Hotel © Neutral Milk Hotel & Merge Records.

TRT 1’55

Directed, edited and filmed by Matthew DiTullo.

Additional filming and consultation by Christopher Myott.

This is a conceptual based video, with a sole purpose to get the viewers attention by means, rather than a narrative, of visual compositions, lighting, actions, sound, camera movement, etc etc. I presented it in a way like a DJ would sample sound clips together, except I did it with video clips.

Contains music by Aphex Twin © Richard D. James & Rhino/London-Sire.